28 September 2008

A look back at Captain America and The Avengers, the arcade game.

Once upon a time, I plunked down what must've been twenty or thirty bucks in quarters on this game. Now I can play it off a memory stick. Amazing. Still, as I was playing it, I kept wondering: what's with the rocks and soda bottles? In the game you can be Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye or The Vision. There are a lot of henchmen between you and the major villains. To aid you in your siege against evil, however, the game designers of nineteen-eighty-whatever made the puzzling decision of including rocks and street litter that you can pick up and throw at people. I know game design wasn't that sophisticated back then, but what the hell? Seriously, even Hawkeye shouldn't be so down on his luck that he needs to hurl a soda can at an armored bad guy like a cornered five year old. Check out these screen captures I did of Iron Man going all hysterical-pussy on a bad guy with a can of Mr. Pibb: Take that, evil-doer!