9 October 2008

Heroes Reaches New Television Standard For Plot Holes

The wife and I started out watching HEROES two years ago. Now it's just on in the background for me on Monday night as I draw.

A comprehensive list of plot holes for this increasingly moronic show is impossible. Here's a taste. We'll start easy.

This guy can travel through time:

So can this guy:

Only, in addition, this guy has every other super power that every other character on the show has. To date, neither of these characters can effectively butter toast.  In fact, the best thing the non-Asian guy has come up with to solve his problems has been to pretty much abandon his abilities of telekenesis, super strength and pyrokenesis... not to mention family loyalty... and shoot his brother with a gun.

In a real head-scratcher, he also went out of his way to absorb the main bad guy's power, which is something he's heretofore done by standing next to someone.  Never mind the fact he's been next to the bad guy before on countless prior occasions.  Only all of a sudden he needs permission or something... or needs to concentrate or something... to take a power. By the way, what power is he taking? Um, oh yeah, it's the power to take powers... that could be useful for a guy who can take powers.

 As for this guy:

He WAS trying to develop a formula to take powers AWAY from people... which he did, at the end of Season 2.  Only now he says he can't for some reason.

Instead, he now thinks its a great idea to GIVE powers to people ... only the formula to do this already exists.  A Big, Bad Company has it.  This guy probably should've known that since he works for the company.  Only why would a Big, Bad Company hire him to develop a vaccine for super powers if one already existed and they had it?

 Before I forget, this guy again:

... has left numerous people stranded in horrific future dystopias by time-traveling them there.  On the list of these casualties is his Irish girlfriend, who he promptly forgot about.  As far the Heroes men are concerned, he's no worse that this guy...

He lost track of a pregnant wife completely overnight and couldn't care less. This girl..

... has turned out to be immortal... even though the entire first season revolved around people making sure she didn't die. This girl...

... was initially one woman with two identities.  Now she's another woman entirely who's part of a cloning experiment, completely invalidating or rendering highly implausible at the very least, the coincidental fact that her original sister clone had MPD stemming from an abusive dad. But before we forget, this guy:

...TRAVELS THROUGH TIME! And yet somehow he's always late to stop things from happening.

Got all that? Well, it's nothing compared to sheer number of times that all these bozos forget that they even HAVE powers. Generally it's whenever anyone threatens them with a gun.

Honestly, no self-respecting geek should be watching this thing anymore.