31 December 2008

Hammer Babe Ingrid Pitt Gives Daniel Craig's James Bond A Raspberry

Coolness.  Ingird Pitt, who is now 70 or so, writes at Den Of Geek. The site itself is a fickle, prickly, but ultimate fun collection of fussy articles on all things geeky, but check out how sharp Pitt is. By my reckoning she stands alone on the list of neat-o septuagenarian actress film geeks.

I haven't seen Quantum Of Solace yet. I resisted doing so in theatres because of the many remarks I've heard and read about its Bourne-style action. Frankly, flash cut action sequences take me out of blockbuster movies faster than almost anything else, besides maybe cheap effects. I found the sole Bourne movie I saw in the theatre to be extremely tedious for that reason alone.

Still, speaking about it blind, I'm betting her observations are spot on. The last thing I need to see in James Bond films are more invisible cars. In fact, I dread the eventual return of too much cheek. On the other hand, it would be nice if Bond were ahead of the game and cool about it again.

As a last bonus, here's the "About Ingrid" page from the woman's own site: