21 January 2009

Rating The Guest Star Crazies On Criminal Minds

I'm writing this as the wife and I are watching Criminal Minds. It's an okay show--okay enough to watch week by week, which I suppose is rare enough. But it's not so great that it can draw me away from the computer. That in mind, they're getting out of hand with this "guest star" psycho stuff.

I actually felt less sorry for Frankie Whateverhisnameis's character in this Criminal Minds episode, where he played a tormented schitzo who watched his fiancee get murdered right before him, than I did for him when he played Malcolm on Malcolm In The Middle and was stuck with that super-bitchy mom. 

Roseanne star Michael O'Keefe actually played a pretty good sicko. Perhaps due to all that basketball Robert Duvall played off his head in The Great Santini. He liked to kill his psychiatry patients. I think my one time therapist wanted to do that with me.

I'm using a picture of Jason Alexander's appearance on Star Trek Voyager because he PLAYED THE SAME DAMN CHARACTER... ... REALLY, REALLY BADLY.

I'm not altogether sure that Carradine was acting...

I honestly don't remember what Dawson did on the show. When I was googling for pictures to use in this list, I saw he had made an appearance. I remember this being the case, but nothing about the story OR him. I think that says everything that needs to be said. He should marry Tom Cruise and improve him public profile. I'm sure Tom wouldn't mind.

Speaking of boy-man meat, Luke Perry was also on the show. He beat the snot out of Paget Brewster. Anybody who ever saw the TV show Huff knows that there are many other, better things to do with Paget Brewster.

Wesley! Way to chunk!

Fox Mulder's old boss desperately wanted to kill Faith Ford over and over again. Remembering back to Murphy Brown and the hysterical shrieking that passed for comedy, I actually felt he was probably playing the hero in this one.

Guy from Spin City! Stop pounding cheeseburgers with Wesley.