3 January 2009

Thoughts On: Valkyrie

Orcidgrl and I went to see Valkyrie over the holidays. It's a historical potboiler and a fairly good one.

I will also say this: it is the quietest mainstream movie I've ever seen. Pretty impressive for a war film. There isn't a whole lot of non-ambient scoring throughout the movie, and everybody's whispering. I actually thought I could detect the crowd around me becoming a little miffed with the situation, even if they probably didn't exactly know why they were miffed.

The constant underplaying did achieve two very ingenious goals: One, it made the material seem smarter and better written than it was. There's nothing bad about the screenwriting in Valkyrie, but the quiet of the movie made the workmanlike thriller elements seem a little more weighty. Two, Tom Cruise was effectively hamstrung and unable to indulge in his usual "Tom Cruiseness".

To be truthful, his being involved in the project made me loathe to suggest the film and Orcigrl loathe to accept. He's not very good here, but he's never been better because of the tight leash that's been thrown over him.