1 September 2009

Mickey Mouse: "I'm The Best At What I Do..."

"... and what I do is take shit over!" 

Actually, Wolverine's iconic quote usually ends with, "...and what I do isn't very nice." That fits too. Or perhaps, since Marvel has just today been bought out by Disney, it should be "And all I do is nice, nice, nice..." Or maybe there's a pun about "mice" that would work better. I dunno. My engines for funny are having a hard time turning over lately. 

Anyway, one of the communications/entertainment titans (created by the truly awful Telecommunications Act of 1996) that owns a theme park I kinda find cool, has bought out a 4 billion dollar entertainment complex, which happens to own a few characters I kinda find cool. Since I am one of the hundreds of millions people currently starving or running for their lives, this is "news" to me.