10 September 2009

Thoughts On: Adventureland

Viewed on Blu-Ray disc...

Adventureland kinda reminded me of another movie, Joe Dante's Matinee from the early nineties. Both are nominally comedies, and neither film made much of a box office splash. They have jokes, but they're more about time and place and childhood. Rushmore was like that, too.

First off, how cool is it that in this coming-of-age story with two guys going after a girl, that the "other guy" isn't reduced in any one scene to the snivelling, sneering scumball stereotype? Pretty cool. Especially since he's a married older man and asking for that sort of treatment. Big brownie points from me for that. I love it whenever filmmakers avoid the obvious scene and the obvious out.

The lead kid in this--can Michael Cera sue him? They don't look all that much alike, except for being young and Jewish and stick insect-skinny, but all through the movie I'm like, "It's almost like I can see Michael Cera acting in this, too."

The twilight chick in comparison is very unique. She's capable enough, but why do I want to smack her so? I don't mean the character, I mean the actor. I can think of no other young performer who makes me want to smack them this badly. I mean, really, slap, right across the face. I don't know why.

Jew-Fro and Split-Ends can't resist each other's splendid anemic pallor.

The film's take on what it was like to be a late teen in the eighties was pretty spot on, I must say. And I never worked as a carny in a northern US state. Or got my hands on any girls who looked like the Twilight girl. Or even a Michael Cera clone. I like these kinds of films. They're not re-watchable in the same way a fall down comedy is, but they're small and true and more than your average cinematic fast food.