Digital Sketch: Frontline (Brooksley Born)

I was watching a pretty good PBS Frontline and fiddled around with this one. It's of Brooksley Born. (She doesn't look like this anymore--the reference I Googled was her Stanford grad picture.)

In the 90's she became the proverbial girl intruder in the Boy's Club of U.S. federal "regulation" (there really aren't enough quotation marks in existence to make that work).   She was appointed during the reign of Alan Greenspan and his Walt Street Cheerleaders. She tried to tell them a multi-trillion dollar derivatives and gambling market without oversight, transparency or, you know, rules might be a bad idea.

The silly broad got shown the door. Greenspan soldiered on until he calcified.  Most of his Ayn Rand-quoting disciples are still advisors to the Obama White House.


Here's to Brookesley.