5 October 2009

Thoughts On: Wolverine (All Captions Edition)

"I'm going to scream a lot in this picture, so get used to it!!!!"

"You boys are just what I'm looking for... Canadian freaks who like fighting in America's foreign wars... for some reason..."

"Like my fellow assassins, my mutant power is apparently posing."

"I really hate my brother... for some reason... better kill his girlfriend..."

"See? I'm screaming again."

"Damn, if you can scream over and over again, I can do whatever this is at least as many times..."

Too easy. Caption this one yourself.
 "You guys made me invulnerable.. I hate you... also, this "dolphin tail" power is useless..."

This one's for a random pair of old people. Seriously.

"I'll give you the information you seek, but the movie will give the audience none about me."

"Well, one thing. I'm apparently suffering from Asperger's and unable to pick up on basic emotional cues... or, for that matter, conversational facts... FIGHT ME!"

"That's not how you start a fight. THIS is how you start a fight. Notice the feral leaping."

"Pookums, I'm alive. Help me free these CW actors."

"Grrr!! 90210 and Vampire Diaries, GRRRRR!!!!"

"One last time.. but I'm still not sure why we hate each other. Apparently, I just miss you."

"See you in the sequel....ahhhhhhhhhh!"