16 December 2009

Thoughts On: Batman, Arkham Asylum

Seems to me about all you can hope for these days when you buy something is that it's only 150% overhyped and 150% overpriced. I can't exactly remember that last THING I bought where this was not the case.
I was looking through my game collection the other night, and I realized that for the first time in more than a year I'd paid full price for a game--Batman:Arkham Asylum. Comparing it to the other games in my collection--gifts or discount buys, all of them--I was wondering why I'd done such a silly thing. I mean, sure Arkham Asylum's a good game--you can thrash the bushes all day long and not flush out a negative professional review for it--but come one, what was I thinking?  $69.99 CAD?

That's too much for the next to zero replay value.  A similar price has me hesitating to pick up Modern Warfare 2, which I know I would play MUCH more. Call Of Duty games in the past have kept me riveted to my couch over and over again, and I don't even game online.

My bladder HATES the Call Of Duty games.

We come from "funny books"!

Now I'm reading all these reviews about how great, how boob-feelingly fantastic Assassin's Creed II is. Well, I'm sure. Sneaking around medieval Italy? Sign me up.  But no way in heck is it going to be worth sixty plus bucks. No way. If nobody gets it for me them for Christmas, I will catch up with  Assassin's Creed II and Modern Warfare II in the bargain pile in another year. That's what I should've done with Batman.

No, it really was a good game.  I'm just saying.