24 January 2010

Thoughts On: Moon

Viewed on DVD....

A little flick called Moon--don't check your listings, it's on DVD already--is getting a lot of hipster-critic love.

It's being labeled as an overlooked gem. I'm not on the same page, but it's a worthwhile movie.  

Moon stars Sam Rockwell, and he's pretty good.  I don't go ga-ga for high quality performances, so maybe that's part of the reason Moon didn't blow my socks off. All I ever ask from my actors is that they not completely suck the ditch dry. On the few occasions I am impressed, it's usually more with an actor's presence or charisma than their emotive range. That probably makes me pretty low brow. (Also explains the quantities of John Wayne and William Shatner I've been able to endure over the course of my lifetime.)

Although Moon has a mystery at its heart, as a film it's got no surprises in store. Don't let anybody tell you different. If it takes you longer than fifteen minutes to figure out "the mystery", there better be cow-doping levels of antihistamines involved.  

The "evil plan" behind the "mystery" also makes zero sense, either fiscally or practically. It also necessitates running a fairly massive and critically important lunar operation with just one man and a bootlegged copy of 2001's HAL computer OS installed on a hunk of dentistry apparatus. 
A really SEXY hunk of apparatus. Dig the obvious tension.

Evidently the "evil corporation" behind the "evil plan" has an "evil insurer" who is, however believably evil, also wildly negligent and accommodating.

Still, here's to a patient, reasonably smart film played out at the proper pace and with plenty of feeling. Nice pace, nice effects, nice atmosphere.