31 March 2010

Hey Marvel, I Fixed Your Poster For You!

I'd really like to believe that this piss-poor Iron Man 2 poster is an early April Fool's Joke.  I mean, this is a BIG film coming out.  They must've spent more on Scarlet Johannson's lip gloss than they did on this Photoshop piece of crap. 

You may click to enlarge it, but there's really no need... those really are various source photos with no relation to each other crudely slapped in proximity to each other.  No charm, no scope, no... nothing.

Hey, Marvel Entertainment and/or which publicity firm did this, just for kicks I spent two minutes... two minutes... doing this...

See the better?  See the mystery? The grandeur?  The NOT Photoshop heads like every other run of the mill poster?  

We're sick of the Photoshop heads, so stop already!