18 April 2010

Joss Whedon To Write/Direct/Gently Massage The Avengers?

Rumours continue to fly about the Marvel movies.  Having just dropped "up-and-comer" (i.e. attractive and bland) Chris Evans into Captain America's boots...

I'd swallow a syphilitic toad to live this guy's life for five days, but follow his cute lil' tuckus into battle?  Ehh, we'll see.

... Marvel's still on the hunt for an Avengers director.

Recently, Joss Whedon's name came up and people scoffed.  Now additional gossip says Whedon is not only up for director, but as a script doctor for Avengers AND Captain America.  This being an even more unlikely rumour, scoffing has... lessened. 

A big plus to Whedon as writer/director would be that the man's got a lot to prove.  Since Buffy packed up her preachy bags (oy, those awful last few seasons!) Whedon's only real success has been a web short, Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog.  (Loved it.)  Apart from that he's seen two series and a movie fizzle, and entirely not without reason.  Then there was the Wonder Woman debacle, where apparently he and DC Comics and Warner Brothers were locked in a room together above a bowling alley... and the bowling alley asked them to please keep the noise down. 

With his stock dropping, Whedon might just get the message and check his ego at the door to Avenger's mansion.

A big minus would be that Whedon's Serenity, while it showed some occasional wit, just didn't feel like a complete package of a movie.  It was seriously lacking scale and theatricality. 

Worse yet, Whedon's trend towards full-of-itself writing has only become worse with time.  It was as present as ever for the run of his Dollhouse TV show, with plenty of stagey one-liners, purple speeches, and hammer-handed dramatic crescendoes to cover up the warmed over plot and sci-fi elements. 

Wanted: loving home for large number of the lesser
known breed, "geekus overkillus."