6 July 2010

Internet Crazy: Paranoid, Paramilitary Entertainment Magazine Trolls

As far as the Internet is concerned, apparently, nobody minds any crazy peanut butter in their fetishistic chocolate.

I was stunned to find myself on one of those vapid celebrity gossip sites recently.  But what really floored me: do they all play host to raving paranoids?  

First off, isn't all that hate and nuttiness just adorable in pink?

Second, these are the first four comments.  It'd be one thing if this were the New York Times Online or something, and these four guys--let's call them Libtard, The Republi-kook, Hitler Jr., and Mr. Recently Divorced--were commenting on a policy story, but this was Radar Online, home of hard-hitting stories like "Kate Gosselin Is A Hot Bikini Mama" and "The Affleck Girls Love A Parade".