12 August 2010

Internet Crazy: We H8T You, GL

George Lucas has joined in Bills Gates' and Warrens Buffet's "Giving Pledge".  Let's check the first few Google News search results for those search terms, shall we?

Sadly--very sadly--the pledge is not getting tons of press.  (Quite simply, it is not a movement or message that fits easily into the modern day American narrative as trumpeted by corporate media.)

But it's also sad to see prominent search returns--even if one of them is "The Movie Blog"--using rote "I Hate George" stuff in their story headlines.  

Okay, fan-boys, I coulda used some better films, too (especially since all that dreck you guys love doesn't do shit for me) but when did your half-assed Ain't It Cool and Film Threat hyperbole turn into a consensus valid enough for a headline?

Cause we all know YOU GUYS aren't giving half of your ANYTHING to ANYBODY.