Fan-Editing: Kolchak Meets The Marvel Superheroes (Test One)

Finally got back around to some fan-editing tonight, and I think I did pretty well, although I forgot how important it was to save my progress in anticipation of unexpected programs quits!  (Grrrr.)

My current project is Kochak:The Night Stalker Meets The Marvel Superheroes (working title).  It's a welcome respite from the Star Wars prequels.  It takes my love for the old Kolchak TV series and mashes it together with the Marvel heroes.  In some ways its a version of "Marvels", the limited comic book series done by Alex Ross and Kurt Busiek, in that it follows one man as he pays witnesses the startling advent of the superhero age. 

In this recreation of a Kolchak: The Night Stalker TV episode, using program footage against clips from the recent spate of superhero flicks, we watch poor Carl Kolchak as he struggles to come to grips with the hottest news story since vampires invaded Las Vegas: the city of New York is suddenly awash in freakish, costumed nut cases. 

How exactly the story will fit together, and, for that matter, the visuals, is a mystery, so I played together with this one sequence to get an indication of where I was headed.  I'm semi-happy with it, at least as a starting point.  The filtering isn't right yet, in fact it's horrible, but I'll get there.

Test One: