Speed Painting: The Lion In Winter

I consider this a breakthrough image.  I didn't think I could achieve this level of detail and photo-realism.  I'm more than a little worried I wont be able to reproduce the stuff I learned on this.

As amazing as this'll seem to anyone who knows anything about painting or photography, there was a point where I looked from my painting to the (very) low res photo of Peter O'Toole and exclaimed "Oh, his hair is blue! I have to put blue in here!"  Yes, even though a thousand art books and art tutorials and art classes have been telling me since I was a teenager that light and color are transitive. 

I have a very literal brain and it fights with stuff like that.  Green in skin tone, blue in hair.  I think that's why I've always preferred pen and ink.

Source: low res Googled vidcap (no tracing)
Time: 3 hours (not so speedy, I guess)
Using: Painter X, Photoshop CS2
Brushes: artist oils, dodge and burn