27 June 2012

Thoughts On: Brave

I only noticed this after seeing Brave over the weekend with the wife, but you don’t find Brave’s story being addressed in its advertising.  That’s possibly because it’s a traditional 2-D animation premise through and through, and kind of a rehashed one.

Spoilers ahead, I guess, for this very nice but very slight Pixar offering.

Like mother-daughter tension... that's a spoiler, 
right? No? It's not much of a plot 
either, come to think of it.

After the introductory act, this whole thing’s about the mother/queen character being turned into a bear and then she and the lead girl are out and about trying to fix the magic spell that caused the trouble.  Yup, that’s a 2-D animation premise for a traditional musical-comedy type deal, only in this case presented with awesome naturalistic fidelity, but no antagonist.  Except for another, crankier bear, possibly suggesting that someone in the conference room is dealing with an unhealthy, "furry"-type fixation.

This is an idea suited for a more Disney-usual type thing where the bear can still talk and there’s musical numbers.  In fact, I think they did this not too long ago.  Wasn’t David Spade a talking llama-slash-prince in something?  Or maybe it was Whoopi Goldberg as a two term senator-slash-platypus.

Anyway, I suspect the story conferences on this one were dicey, or at least political in nature.  Little “p” political, I mean.  

The thing’s got two directors and, I believe, five writers, so it could’ve been that.  Or it could’ve been the Disney-Pixar tension now that Pixar is officially Disney’s bitch (ahem, see there influence in Cars 2, the forthcoming Monster’s University, and, soon no doubt, A Bug’s Life 2: Electric Bugaloo.)  Or it could’ve been gender politics, since one of the directors and (again I believe and who has time to IMDB?) at least one of the writers were women.

Don’t know, and who can guess?  Anyway, there was lots of cool stuff to look at, and still no lame pop culture jokes like in a Dreamworks picture.  And I found out I really like listening to the chick from Trainspotting talk.

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