29 January 2013

Fun With Pens: J.J. Hey Hey

It's been a rough week for George Lucas in the comments sections of geekdom, what with every film nerd in the world talking up J.J. Abrams, and Disney announcing that it was scrapping the idea of releasing 3D prints of the other two prequels.  

Frankly, reading geek site comment sections is getting almost as intolerable as reading a political post comment section.  

As for Abrams, I'm not a fan, and I find it hard to find the announcement anything but depressing (MovieBob basically summed up my thoughts here).  I'd actually rather watch one of the prequels than the Star Trek reboot (but, sure, I'd be in no hurry whatsoever).  

Basically I prefer incredibly dumb and out of touch things to incredibly cynical and pandering things.  To each his own eggs, I guess.

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