22 August 2013

Doodle: Soulless Vs Lifeless

Simon Pegg (“New Scotty”) finds the ongoing  backlash against Star Trek Into Darkness from a small cadre of long-term Star Trek fan to be “crass f—king ire”.  What’s funny about this is that Pegg was and is a pretty renown Star Wars geek and, along with his frequent collaborator, director Edgar Wright,  a virulent Star Wars prequel detractor.  Crass ire would perfectly describe their reactions to George Lucas in any and all interviews those two did that come anywhere near the subject.

The geek community, not surprisingly, is squarely behind Pegg on this one... mostly, one imagines, because a fresh, cynical batch of senseless violence calculated to entertain the common R-complex is much more generally palatable than shoddily-realized, frivolous but earnest half-assery that’s more than a decade old at this point.

Is the ire more crass when the object of derision is soulless instead of lifeless?

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