26 July 2015

Art Kicks My Ass: Cormoran Strike Sketches

The wife and I have been listening to the "Robert Galbraith" novels on the drive to and from work, so I thought I'd try to sketch J.K. Rowling's new detective character, Cormoran Strike. 

I've never tried to draw a fictional character before an iconic image existed -- it's fun.  Except for telling us he has one leg, some extra pounds and is "pube-headed", there's not much to go on.  I keep seeing Robbie Coltraine, even though he's twenty years and fifty pounds off the mark, but I suppose that's the Harry Potter influence.  My wife see someone a bit hunkier, naturally.

These being so clumsy looking, I distinctly feel like art kicked my ass, even if I kinda got close to getting him right.

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