4 September 2017

The Cabinet

Here's a real old sketch I dusted off for some clumsy commentary and even clumsier digital painting practice.  "The Cabinet", finished in ProCreate.

Frazetta Study

I've been trying to get in a little more study practice lately.  Here's a Frazetta study done in the amazing ProCreate app.

Betrayal At House On The Hill

We didn’t get to play much this summer.

Last summer I drew this – it’s the first four scenarios we ever played.  The “getting shrunk and chased by a cat” one was the best.

2 August 2017

70s Heroes

It’s a demolition disco dust-up! Had a little more inking fun with this companion piece to my 80’s Marvel Heroes. Here’s the seventies heroes in all their roller-boogying glory.

30 July 2017

Roll20 Campaign