23 August 2015

Student Spidey Watercolour

Word is the next (semi-real Marvel) Spidey will go back to a homemade outfit.  My take in WC.

15 August 2015

Iron Man F***s Up

From an old sketchbook doodle.  This is my first stretch of digital play since going strictly traditional the last five months.  I guess this is my rumpspringa.

14 August 2015

80s Heroes (Detail)

A day off specifically devoted to digital inking.  This is a detail from a long-delayed lark: all the tackiest 1980's Marvel heroes in one panoramic shot.  Indulging my nostalgia, I guess, but She-Hulk's leg warmers are not up to snuff: so here are two junkies, a Saturday Morning cartoon import, and a Canadian little person ...

... eighties!