2 August 2017

70s Heroes

It’s a demolition disco dust-up! Had a little more inking fun with this companion piece to my 80’s Marvel Heroes. Here’s the seventies heroes in all their roller-boogying glory.

30 July 2017

Roll20 Campaign


18 January 2017

Mr. Creepy

Another quick turn at RPG art, this time a creepy illusionist.  Done on the iPad Pro with ProCreate.

9 January 2017

Cleric Concept Art

Taking a whack at some RPG concept art.  Done with ProCreate on my iPad Pro.

3 January 2017

Infinite Painter Ink

Trying out Infinite Painter, which has a very responsive set of pen presets.  This pic of Hulk and Black Widow took a fair deal less of my time than inking usually does.