Travel Poster: Monorail Poster Redesign.

This was my first travel poster attempt, a redesign of a Disney original.  My only additions were to add the year and switch it from a day scene to a night scene.  2009 was the year of our trip to the Contemporary Resort, an old childhood favourite of mine.  As for making it night, I was scared of playing with too much colour.

I don't want to provoke the ire of Disney lawyers or anything, but the thing's hanging on my basement wall as we speak.  Still, as long as I'm not putting it up in public or selling it or anything, I should be safe, right?


(I hear Disney lawyers, upon attaining adulthood, are exposed to a special "mist" that enhances their ferocity and gives them extra-sensory perceptions.)


Kim said…
Wow! Very cool stuff. Would hang any of these in my home. Oh, came over via DIS.